Sunday, August 29, 2010

1966 Triumph Spitfire, $2675, Eugene, Oregon


   If the picture isn't hiding serious front-end damage and it is structurally sound, this would be an excellent route to classic Triumph ownership. Spitfires with the pre-"bone in mouth" grille/bumper are scarce, even more so in this condition, and this one deserves to be refurbished a bit more.

   Other than the seats, air cleaner, and what looks like red paint under the bonnet, this car appears to have very high fidelity to the original esthetics, and does not have add-ons like a luggage rack, non-original hardtop or modern custom wheels, all of which can detract from the Spitfire's status as an attractive entry-level sports car. This car is said to run and drive well, although the picture appearing to have been taken in a vehicle-storage or towing lot (which does not appear to be the Scott & Sons graveyard near the Eugene airport, with many terminal cases, some not even good for parts, and only a few restorable cars), and it being a 44-year-old British car, doesn't exactly cause me to be optimistic about it. 

   Find some correct seats online or in a junkyard and upholster them, get a correct air cleaner or period replacement and detail it, and you'd have something that would be great at shows. With the All-British Field Meet coming up on September 3rd-6th of this year in Portland, this might be a nice one to buy, clean up a bit and drive up for the Labor Day weekend event. It is probably too late to enter this car in the show itself, though.

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