Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1977 Porsche 911S Convertible (Not a Targa, but built on one)

Much better -looking than a Targa, and rare too.

Almost clean enough to eat off of...
Guards Red over tan leather, a classic Porsche 911 color scheme.
Very nice lines, possibly nicer than the factory's, and not sullied by a whaletail or a body kit.
  This 1977 Porsche cabriolet, custom-built by an unknown body shop from a Targa in 1982, has 132,000 original miles, many upgrades, is said to run perfectly, has a desirable color scheme and a recent top replacement. The fact that a Targa rather than a coupe was used as a base car indicates that it would have at least decent structural rigidity without excessive modification to the body structure, and the lack of add-ons like whaletail spoilers, ground-effects kits, custom wheels (this car appears to have black-painted cookie-cutter alloys) or custom interior parts is appealing. This car seems to me like a natural evolution from the 356 cabriolet, whereas the factory-built 911 cabrio just looks like a coupe with the top lopped off in my eyes.

If the work (both conversion and upgrades) was done properly and to a high standard, this is an excellent deal. Although the Pacific Northwest is very wet, the roads are not salted and it does not snow heavily in most areas, so water damage to electrical and interior parts is a greater concern than rust.

This car is available for $8,000 in Tualatin, Oregon, from a private party, here: http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/1929366615.html

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