Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bremen Mini-Mark Kit Car, titled as 1926 Mercedes

   Not common when new, and rarer yet today, this nicely built and well-kept neoclassic kit car (billed as 'the personal-luxury kit car' when new) is titled as a 1926 Mercedes despite resembling a 1920s Packard or Auburn more than a Mercedes. The engine is said to be a 1976 and is the classic Volkswagen flat-four, probably the 1700cc version if the engine is a '76, so the chassis is probably a 1976 with the independent rear suspension and ball-joint front suspension. This makes finding parts and working on this car quite easy, due to the VW bug's longstanding best-seller status, a huge aftermarket parts support system and enthusiast base, and the simple, reliable nature of the engine. The 1926 title year makes this car emissions-exempt virtually everywhere, but may increase insurance costs.

  The interior, wheels and color scheme are all quite dated, but to change them would be sacrilege, as the Mini-Mark, its 4-seater relative the Maxi Taxi, and other VW-based kits of similar vintage like the Sterling and Bradley GT, are symbols of individuality and craftsmanship in a car market dominated then by oversized sedans, outdated or underdeveloped sports cars and tinny hatchbacks, none of which were built too well.

This Bremen Mini-Mark is available for a very reasonable $4800 in Molalla, Oregon, near Portland. 

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